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Jewel Run

Play as a team to defeat a formidable opponent, or experience the rush of defeating an entire team on your own

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Game Description

Prepare for team strategy and all out combat! Jewel Run updates the asymmetrical multiplayer genre and makes it available online, on PC, and on mobile devices. Play as a team to defeat a formidable opponent, or experience the rush of defeating an entire team on your own.

Select Your Team


  • As a thief searching for adventure, join forces with up to 7 other young people to seek fortune. As Mr. or Mrs. Crosby, you will be on your own to defend your peaceful way of life. Don't be scared to use all of your might and all of your tools to safeguard your goods.

Steal or Defend?

  • The thief's mission is to navigate the garden's maze, shake the trees for their jewels, and safely transport this plunder to their base. Carrying a lot will make you slow! The Crosbys are outnumbered and slow, but they can use their clumsy dogs to corner the thieves before dispatching them with a precise tackle! You win if you catch a few robbers!

Unleash Your Imagination


  • Express your own playstyle with or against your friends. Sprint to become untouchable, entice the dogs away from your side, or grab as many gems as you can at once! Unlock clothing parts to personalize your character, as well as map features that alter gameplay. Alarms that expose your location to the opposing team, trick walls that block your pursuers, bushes to hide in, and teleporters. Every session promises new challenges and tremendous action. Warning! While Jewel is free to play, you will need to purchase the Premium DLC to unlock the majority of character customization options as well as map gameplay features. You will be able to play on the premium maps for free if you play online with someone who owns the Premium DLC!

A Distinctive Visual Appeal

  • Jewel Run's visuals, inspired by legendary filmmaker Tim Burton, combine a dark and twisted mood with vivid and colorful imagery, producing a genuinely one of a kind gaming experience. Players will enter a world unlike any other, filled with unusual and intriguing characters and locations that will leave an indelible impact.

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