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Japan Postman

Explore Nagasaki as you deliver the mail in this immersive simulation

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Game Description

In this immersive simulation experience, you will ride your motorcycle through Nagasaki's streets while delivering mail. Start your adventure now!

Japan Postman Moto Simulator: Nagasaki Express is an open-world motorbike simulation game set in Nagasaki's Shinchi Chinatown, which has colorful streets and historic sites. Players assume the role of a postal worker, exploring a perfectly reproduced metropolis on a motorcycle to deliver mail. This vehicle game mixes realistic driving experiences with urban exploration, engaging players in both delivery missions and Nagasaki's rich ambiance and culture.



As a postal worker in Nagasaki, players will navigate the city's accurately replicated streets. The parking vehicle game includes a one-of-a-kind open-world racing simulation that allows players to freely move around the heart of Japan and experience the city's authentic and diverse culture.Players can return home to care for their cat, which enhances the gameplay experience.



  • Authentic City Modeling: Nagasaki's streets and landmarks are meticulously recreated, giving each street and building a familiar and authentic sense.
  • Realistic Graphics Character Faces: Pedestrians and passengers have distinct facial features, which add to the game's realism and immersion.
  • Intelligent AI Traffic: The game's AI traffic automobile system replicates a realistic physical driving environment, complete with various vehicle behaviors and incident response capabilities.
  • High-Quality Car Vehicle Modeling: From classic to modern, the details of each motorcycle are meticulously designed to provide an unforgettable visual feast.
  • Smooth Speed Moto Bike Driving Experience: The game's driving mechanics are designed to simulate real-world physical responses, resulting in a smooth and difficult ride every time.
  • Personalized Housing: In addition to traversing Nagasaki's streets, players can buy and decorate their own homes to create a personal retreat.
  • flexibility and Exploration: The open-world architecture provides players with boundless flexibility, allowing them to follow quest clues and discover the city's hidden gems at their leisure. Every trip presents a new adventure.
  • Whether you are a simulation game fan or a player with a strong interest in Japanese culture and the city of Nagasaki, Japan Postman Motorsport Simulator: Nagasaki Express promises an unforgettable experience.

Ready to take on the challenge? Join us and experience the day and night of a Nagasaki postal worker. Begin your journey in Nagasaki!

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