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Isekai Dispatcher

Reincarnate despatched staff into isekai to safeguard them from demonic forces!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Isekai! features resurrected pixel art characters.

The most recent release from IGNITION M!


A new sensation: 'Board Game x Auto Battle RPG'!

Employees who have been reincarnated as Isekai go on a rampage!

  • The game contains a large number of bizarre and unusually dispatched personnel!
  • Reincarnate the dispatched staff into Isekai to safeguard them from demonic forces!

Familiar board game system.

  • To conquer Isekai, play the board game that everyone loves!
  • Roll the dice and earn an advantage!

Easy auto-battle system.


  • The assigned employees will attack the enemies with all of their strength!
  • Special maneuvers are also executed automatically!

Isekai Dispatcher is recommended for those...

  • Who enjoy reincarnation stories in Isekai
  • Want to be a warrior in Isekai
  • Individuals who enjoy dot pictures
  • People who enjoy surrealistic characters
  • Want to play games during summer, winter, and New Year's holidays
  • Prefer to play games attentively

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