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Iron Order 1919

Mechanical warfare has arrived

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Game Description

1919. 'The Great War' rages on. Europe has been caught in a furious battle for dominance, and a short ceasefire is allowing all states to rethink their approach. Numerous breakthroughs and technical advancements under the Iron Order result in Mechs wandering the battlefields. Mechanical warfare is gradually taking over, and soldiers are becoming mere bystanders as huge Titans, huge Mechs, reap their horrific crop.

Iron Order is your opportunity to leave your mark on war torn Europe. Enter an accelerated race that pushes technology to levels not seen since the early twentieth century. In Multiplayer encounters with up to 26 players, you must carefully plan your strategy and lead your country to victory!


Matches take place in real time on World Maps based on scenarios from World War I and beyond. Nations are divided into smaller provinces, each with its own set of characteristics that determine resource production or terrain kinds. The goal is to control the vast portion of the map. You have complete control over your country's economic development, technical research, military accomplishments, and diplomatic connections with other players in order to reach your goal. Work together, against each other, and never truly trust your alliance. Once power is attained, everyone becomes an opponent. Will you continue to let your people battle with scythes, or will you plan ahead and join the technological revolution?

Regular upgrades deepen the lore and diversify the gameplay. We're only getting started with Iron Order. There's a lot more to come, and we can't wait to hear about your gaming experiences and feedback. Welcome!

  • Construct your strategy around fantasy and historical era units!
  • Real Time Long Term Strategy
  • Weaponry inspired by popular Dieselpunk, Teslapunk, and Steampunk concepts, with Mechs and Robots
  • Each unit type has a unique 'Titan' class with amazing power and utility.
  • Each match can have up to 26 players.
  • Maps based on historical events and further afield

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