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Into the Dead 2

Travel through a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family!

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Game Description

Navigate the zombie apocalypse as you fight against time to save your family, navigate the zombie apocalypse. Put together a collection of potent weapons, and do whatever it takes to survive. Anything to keep going, even maim, mowing down, and slaughtering the Dead! How far will you go to survive in a world where no one is safe?

Extend the horror with a horrifying prequel to Night of the Living Dead and an expansion of the Ghostbusters universe, among other exclusive plot events.



  • Complete seven action packed chapters, sixty stages, and hundreds of obstacles to reach one of the game's numerous endings.
  • Strong weaponry and ammunition bonuses. Unlock and upgrade melee weapons, guns, bombs, and more!
  • Many gameplay options, including firing from military gun emplacements, dispatching the hordes from atop vehicles, stabbing them to stay alive, or taking a chance pursuing them on foot.
  • Diverse, immersive environments. Explore several areas, including military outposts, rural farm settlements, and oil fields.
  • Growing zombie dangers. Change your strategies to wipe out various hordes, such as armored and running zombies
  • 5 more plot events, ranging from ice covered mountain summits to burning forests
  • Demonstrate your abilities in the daily and special event modes to earn coveted rewards.
  • Trustworthy canine pals who can protect you in the wild and fend off zombies
  • Play offline. No internet connection required

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