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Infinite Galaxy

An immersive space shooter with infinite possibilities!

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Game Description

Infinite Galaxy. Infinite possibilities. This is a next-generation, immersive space game. The secrets of the entire Galaxy await you to discover, thanks to cutting-edge 3D graphics and many strategic options.

Galaxy Year 4649. The Old Federation was crushed at the end of the lengthy conflict, but the Empire's brutal reign is on the edge of collapse as well. The boundaries of the blazing Galaxy have already been broken. Private traders and space pirates travel back and forth across the universe. Countless rebel organizations have risen to battle from the Empire's outer border, with no time to spare. According to rumors, someone uncovered the enigmatic vessels of an ancient space race.


In this galaxy filled of imagination and violence, you can begin by restoring your spaceport. Then you'll construct your flagship, combat space pirates, travel the Galaxy, establish an alliance with like-minded Commanders, and discover one compelling narrative after another.

  • A vast fleet is ready for you to command.
  • A magnificent spaceport is ready for you to build.
  • An infinite galaxy awaits you to explore.

However, the Empire is organizing a counterattack in the Galaxy's shadows. The next time the Empire exposes its teeth, an everlasting conflict will break out in the Infinite Galaxy.


  • There are numerous facilities and technologies available for you to develop and research.
  • Upgrade every sort of structure to turn your Spaceport into a formidable base.
  • Build a strong crew in your Spaceport. Make them your deputies and staff, or take them on fleet missions.
  • Each crew member has unique life experiences and tales. Their stories will make you realize how drastically different life in space is.


  • Build 30 different types of spaceships and assemble fleets.
  • Each of your fleets will be led by an exceptionally powerful flagship. Each flagship has its own distinct appearance and abilities.
  • These flagships are meticulously constructed using blueprints passed down from the Federation and Empire's golden era.
  • Gather flagship blueprints from ancient space relics, campaign missions, and the Empire's fortress levels.



  • Compete or collaborate in real time with millions of Commanders across the Galaxy. Forming or joining a powerful alliance is an effective method to survive.
  • Enlist your buddies to help you deploy your assault and defense methods, protect yourself, and battle malevolent foes around the cosmos.
  • Demonstrate your full potential for strategy, leadership, and warfare. Join this spectacular cosmic epic.
  • Perhaps you will become the Galaxy's leader and gain ultimate glory in the end.


  • Space is immensely daunting and reminds you of how small we truly are. This is particularly true in the presence of a massive star.
  • Despite our little size, we shall overcome that massive star and travel deep into the universe.
  • As you explore the cosmos, you will gradually find tons of old mysteries and learn about the unknown past of the Federation and Empire.

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