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Imperial Era: Resurgence

Gather brave troops eager to fight, march forward, and engage in epic battles against the enemy!

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Game Description

'Imperial Era: Resurgence' is an intense and exhilarating SLG real-time battle simulation game. Gather brave troops eager to fight, march forward, and engage in epic battles against the enemy. Create your own fame and become the war behemoth in this chaotic fight!

Realist Restoration


  • The game takes place against the backdrop of medieval magnificence, faithfully reproducing the visual feast of classics. Carefully constructed city appearances, unit sound effects, and a larger battlefield will awaken your inner wildness and make you want to fight.

Accelerated Pace

  • You'll feel the exhilarating rhythm of real-time combat, intense strategic duels, and the satisfaction of glorious victory. Adjusting the intricate processes of typical SLG games makes it easier to get started, and foes are easily kept at bay beyond the city gates.

Unique Gameplay

  • Build fortifications, upgrade buildings, enlist powerful warriors and generals, and construct an unstoppable military machine. Capture unusual animals to use as battle weapons. On the cruel battlefield, plan strategies with wisdom and guts, then use special skills and tactics to smash adversaries and extend your territory! There are also distinct leisure fishing and elimination gameplay modes to find peace amidst the chaos.

Epic battles


  • Weekly large-scale engagements, such as Holy City and defense battles, await your involvement. Winners can receive opulent rewards and increased control, transforming you into a renowned ruler with complete authority!

Faction Wars

  • The game is generally divided into three camps of conflict. Choose a faction and battle for it. While killing adversaries is critical, defending your allies is just as important. Grow alongside comrades, join forces against adversaries, and become the single ruler of this land!

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