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Immortal Chaos

Choose your favorite character and get ready to embark on an epic journey into the otherworld!

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Game Description

A thousand years ago, a conflict between gods and demons erupted. The celestial book, Jadeon Tome, was then shattered into fragments and spread over the world, giving mortals the opportunity to gain the knowledge it contained. More than a thousand years had passed, and a brilliant swordmancer had attained mastery in learning the tome skills, only to discover that everything had been a lie. The Jadeon Tome had been dispersed over the globe by the gods and demons, with the intention of turning mortals into their puppets. Swordmancer was taken aback by the truth and nearly went wild before a lady came to his aid. What happens next?

Legendary Characters


Legendary heroes collide. Choose your favorite character to accompany you on your voyage through this otherworld!

Select Your Side

Should you join the Immortal group, which supports order and justice, or the Demon faction, which seeks chaos and destruction? Everything is up to you.

Divine Armor

Each celestial artifact's emergence will unleash a torrent of fury and bloodshed. Only the most powerful may claim it!

Primary Beasts

Each of the unusual animals in the myth book. Classic of Mountains and Seas possesses the ability to destroy the planet. Slay them alongside your allies to reap massive prizes!

Romance of the Otherworld

Love has been predestined. In this chaotic environment, you'll find the person who has been waiting for you.


Pet Companionship

It's a long journey, and having a pet by your side will help you get through it.

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