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Idle Magic School

Using magic coins, increase, automate, and improve school construction

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Game Description

Have you ever wished to create and run a school of magic? Upgrade your courses and enlarge your school. Welcome new pupils and observe their graduation. With magic coins, you may increase, automate, and improve school construction! Look for the ingredients that can be combined to make potions to help you on your adventure. The map will show you the specifics of the school, like the residence halls, magic alley, and classrooms, when you venture outdoors and explore the magical realm.



  • At wizard school, automate construction to boost your side income.
  • Acquire idle magic coins while offline, particularly in the Magic Shop.
  • Unlock additional characters, buildings, dormitories, spells, potions, and courses as your
  • Students progress through the wizard school experience.
  • Students can take a variety of classes to gain magical talents, such as making herbal potions and performing spells.

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