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Idle Apocalypse

Ever wanted to be the leader of your own cult? Now you can!

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Game Description

Ever had the desire to lead a cult? Call upon the mythical demon gods? Command swarms of dirty monsters? Build a skyscraper that is so tall that it defies gravity? or... wipe off everything?

Not at all? Nevertheless, why not give it a shot?


The greatest cult clicker apocalypse simulator of 2018 is Idle Apocalypse! Construct your tower and place it both underground and high in the sky. Press to summon armies of demons, monsters, and goblins to carry out your commands. Cast sorcery on any valiant heroes who would have the folly to stand in your way. Play this unique idle tapper game to summon the fabled Idols, a terrifying gathering of gods, and bring about the End Times.

The game Idle Apocalypse is about evil, strategy, and resource management!


Build Your Tower

  • Gather resources to open more than 40 more chambers!
  • Open research facilities to learn about new technologies.
  • Use generators to hasten development!
  • Construct factories, juicers, kitchens, and mines.

Create Monsters

  • Create more than 20 distinct creatures to carry out your orders.
  • Modify, enhance, and advance them.
  • Gather monsters, creatures, and goblins.

Bit by Bit Action


  • Play for as long or short a time as you'd like!
  • Your monsters continue to battle even if you're not online!
  • Resource management gameplay. With just a few taps, watch as your tower transforms!

Endless Idle Game

  • Call upon Idols to hasten the end of the world!
  • Prestige to increase the height of your tower and unlock useful chants.
  • Through repeated plays, evolve and customize your tower to uncover new mechanics!

Simulator and incremental clicker fans will find it impossible to put down this idle monster breeding role-playing game. And since it's an idle game with loot to be found, you'll pick it back up a few hours later!

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