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Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter

The long-awaited finale of the Ice Scream saga is here!

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Game Description

The long awaited conclusion to the Ice Scream tale is here!

Help the pals leave Rod's factory once and for all, and put an end to this cold nightmare.


Explore and rediscover historic factory locations. Help the bunch of friends escape by solving riddles and completing terrifyingly enjoyable mini-games while avoiding Rod and the Evil Nun.

Discover an adventure filled with puzzles, chases, and secrets that is ideal for both new and returning gamers to the series.

After retrieving Lis from the lab, the pals are reunited in the control room. However, the happiness is short lived because Rod has discovered Charlie and followed him to the control room, where they are imprisoned. Now they must discover a way out of the control room and devise a strategy to escape the facility once and for all.


  • New checkpoint system: proceed through the game by achieving various tasks, then store your progress so you may continue your adventure whenever you choose.
  • Multiple villains: In addition to Rod and his allies, you will battle Evil Nun, Franken Boris, and Mati.
  • Fun puzzles: Solve ingenious puzzles to reconnect with your friends.
  • Mini games: Solve the most enjoyable problems in this chapter in the form of minigames.
  • Own soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the Ice Scream universe with unique music to match the pace of the narrative and voices recorded specifically for this game.
  • Explore new and old locations: Return to the factory's many areas and uncover the secrets that have remained concealed.
  • Hint and quest system: If you get stuck, you can always refer to a full step by step guide to figure out what to do next.
  • Talk to your friends: Learn about the characters' backstories through their discussions.
  • Various difficulties: Play at your own leisure and explore without risk in ghost mode, or challenge Rod and his helpers in varying difficulty levels that will put your skills to the test.
  • A terrifyingly hilarious game ideal for all!

If you want to experience fantasy, terror, and enjoyment, try 'Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter' right now. Action and scares are assured.

It is recommended that you play with headphones for the best experience.

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