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Ice Scream 7

Reunite with your friends and defeat Rod, the evil ice cream maker, once and for all!

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Game Description

You freed your buddies from their cages in previous chapters by keeping them from ending up in the extraction chamber. But you didn't get them very far since Rod appeared at the last second and forced them to flee. Your friends are now scattered around this massive ice cream factory. You must reunite them all and finally vanquish Rod, the evil ice cream maker.

You will be able to play as J's friends in this new installment. For the first time, you will be able to switch between players and return to J. as needed. Explore the new areas of the plant, confront the ice cream guy and his assistants, and bring the four buddies back together.



  • Assume the role of Mike and solve the puzzles to re meet J.
  • A new mini game has been added to the factory!
  • Unlock new sequences to learn more about Rod's backstory.
  • Explore new regions and enemies.



  • As Charlie, complete new puzzles to bring them all back together.
  • A new mini game has been added to the kitchen!
  • Unlock new cinematics to learn more about Joseph Sullivan's life.
  • Explore the kitchen and meet the person in charge.


  • As Lis and Mike, solve additional problems and finally bring the entire gang together.
  • Exchange stuff with another character to solve riddles for the first time.
  • New mini games have been added to the laboratory!
  • Learn more about Rod's childhood with Sister Madeline.
  • Explore the laboratory's two sections: chemistry and robotics.
  • With Charlie, revisit places from the early Ice Scream games.

Future updates will contain new chapters featuring J's friends.

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