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Hunt Royale

Select from a variety of entirely unique characters, get proficient with them, gain experience points, open up new skills, and rule the battlefield!

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Game Description

Get the popular mobile hunting game and play it online! An epic adventure that is always being updated, pitting players against one another in interesting venues where they must seek and battle strong monsters. Select from a variety of entirely unique characters, get proficient with them, gain experience points, open up new skills, and rule the battlefield!



  • More than 70 characters to level up and unlock!
  • Six distinct game modes, including PvP and PvE
  • Unique foes in dungeons to battle
  • Strong abilities to employ and acquire
  • Unpredictable holidays and everyday difficulties
  • Funny voxel-based illustrations

With PvE and PvP modes available, this game will appeal to all fans of online gaming! With over 70 distinct characters, each has its own set of talents and powers. You level them up and give them more power for next matches as you play. Continue trying new things, enjoy discovering new abilities, try out different builds, and utilize your strategies to win fights and get awards!

In addition to being a battle royale and survival game, you also need to continuously seek out foes in order to beat other players and achieve the best score. Consider your build, polish your abilities, and emerge as the arena's hero!

Choose from a variety of thrilling and engaging modes, including Duel, Boss Hunt, Bounty Hunter, Co-op, and Hunt, to find the action that best fits your needs. Still, that's not all! The fun never stops as you hang out in the pub between games, mingle with other players, and form and lead clans!

Try the brand-new Dungeons mode, which is aimed for lovers of epic action-RPGs, for a change of pace. Explore a variety of distinct, specialized dungeons that each have unique equipment to locate, important loot to collect, and shops to help you in combat.

And that's not even all! You can play the game in a different way by exploring the Maze mode, which adds elements akin to rogue games. Investigate randomly produced, battle

Make your way through unique rooms and face the formidable boss of the maze!


There's never-ending variety and enjoyment! You are free to play as you choose. Select from magic, raw force, close quarters battle, range combat, good, evil, and all in between! Finally, personalize your character with a variety of awesome, unlockable skins.

Select your best character to use in amazing battle scenarios that are frequently introduced in unforeseen circumstances.

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