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Humans Gone

The world belongs to the infected now. Create your strategy and fight!

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Game Description

The zombie epidemic has ravaged the country, eradicating civilization. It's survival mode now.

The world now belongs to the infected. It's time to assemble your crew and devise a strategy for surviving zombies and monsters. The virus is spreading quickly, and the people desperately need a hero!


Do everything you can to survive this terrible battle. The war will not be simple to win. The infected are everywhere, and you're fighting a war against a zombie army! Resources are scarce, and you must salvage all you can from society's carcass.

Turn into a zombie hunter! It's survival time in this journey.



  • Improve your weapons to withstand zombie attacks
  • Difficult missions
  • Survival mode in the apocalypse
  • Various adversaries, weapons, classes, and other features
  • Locate new survivors
  • Get your survivors ready for the next mission.
  • Visit various towns and locations
  • Gather resources to ensure your survival.
  • Use a Bluetooth Gamepad Controller or touch controllers to play.

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