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Howl is an exciting, tactical turn-based folktale set in medieval times

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Game Description

Howl is a medieval-themed turn-based tactical folktale. The earth is destroyed by a mysterious 'howling plague' that transforms everyone who hears it into a savage beast. You take on the role of a deaf heroine who ventures into peril to find a cure.

Prepare up to six moves ahead of time to outwit your adversaries, who are ferocious, wolf-like beings. There are many various kinds of fiends hiding in the shadows, and they all have unique powers and energies. Thus, you must carefully examine the plan of action that will force them to submit.


As you plan your attack, you have a variety of tools at your disposal in addition to your intelligence. You get abilities like Vault, Smoke Bomb, and Piercing Shot as you kill more wolves. Set off on your quest to advance your abilities, get additional Action Slots, and reverse round points. While you strategize your movements, you will also mold your own scripture, creating a dynamic work of art while you battle.

Howl uses a flowing art style called 'living ink' to produce its images, which tell the tale as you play. Navigate a mysterious and ethereal realm filled with eerie locales as you battle and write your way out of a plague-ridden continent.



  • Predict your opponents' moves in turn-based, tactical warfare.
  • Outwit several wolf species, ranging from swift predators to massive pack leaders.
  • Exquisitely rendered in a distinct, live ink art technique.
  • Acquire and enhance new abilities such as Exploding Shot, Shadow Step, and others.
  • Protect the villagers from the wolves' teeth and screams.
  • Complete 60 levels spread over 4 chapters.
  • Use the world map to plan your course and find hidden routes and new skills.

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