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Do you have what it takes to become a fishing legend?

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Game Description

Are you prepared to go down in history as a fishing legend? Master the sea, flaunt your boat, and capture the Big One.

In this fascinating idle clicker game, gather your treasures and sail across the vast seas. Swipe left and right to catch fish and earn money. Hire workforce workers to assist you in expanding your business! Purchase legendary things to help you with your fishing quest. Use your newfound cash to explore new places and enhance your boat! Begin your adventure right now! The one question you must answer is, 'Can you catch the Big One?'



1. Obtain Epic Content

Navigate unexplored waters, collecting and gathering the most exotic fish while upgrading new boats, which unlock stronger skills, boosts, and stuff. Can you unlock the huge yacht and sail over the ocean?

2. Catch 'em All

Discover hidden and secret fish. Only a MASTER fisherman can use their legendary fishing pole to hook the most epic of them all. Are you prepared to capture the Big One?

3. Form your team

Every captain requires a capable staff! Your team is like a second family to you. Hire and upgrade crew members to aid in the expansion of your fishing business. Each crew member brings their own set of expertise to your fishing adventure.

4. Using the Idle Simulator

Swipe carefully while playing to make money even when you're away! Allow your crew to catch those fish for you, and you'll never miss a moment or a loot box even if you're offline.

5. Participate in everyday tournaments

Do you have what it takes to reach the pinnacle? Compete against other fishermen in daily multiplayer fishing competitions for massive payouts, gems, and praises!

6. New Functions


There are always new worlds to discover. Check back every day for new incentives. Employ just seasonal crew workers. Utilize new legendary gear to propel you to the top of the fishing world.

Hooked Inc is the game for you, whether you're an idler or a clicker. This is the best fishing simulator game available. Never be bored again with this simple to learn and play game that is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to master. Discover undiscovered oceans. Ride on boats that you can only imagine. Make yourself a fishing legend. Set sail in search of the Big One!

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