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Honor of Kings

Dive into one of the world's most popular mobile MOBA!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Honor of Kings International Edition, created by Tencent Timi Studio and published by Level Infinite, is the world's most popular mobile MOBA. Dive into the classic MOBA excitement with 5V5 hero gorges and fair matchups; different battle modes and a diverse roster of heroes let you to show off your supremacy with first blood, pentakills, and legendary deeds, smashing all opposition! Localized hero voiceovers, skins, and smooth server performance assure fast matchmaking, teaming up with friends for ranking battles, and having fun with PC MOBAs and action games as you rise to the pinnacle of honor! The enemy is approaching the battlefield; gamers, gather your pals for team battles in Honor of Kings!

Furthermore, Honor of Kings allows you to participate in top worldwide eSports competitions! Cheer for your favorite teams, see thrilling, intense gameplay, and even become a player yourself, taking the global stage as a mobile legend MOBA player! It's entirely in your hands! Here, you are not an unknown player; enjoy the battleground that is properly yours.



5v5 Tower Pushing Team Battles!

  • Classic 5v5 MOBA maps with three lanes to advance offer the finest fighting experience. Hero strategy combinations, establishing the strongest squad, flawless collaboration, and demonstrating extraordinary talents! Abundant wild creatures, a diverse selection of hero options, battle after battle, fire freely, and have all the typical MOBA excitement!

Legendary Heroes, Unique Skills, Dominate the Battleground.

  • Experience the might of mythical and legendary heroes! Unleash their distinct abilities and have radically new gameplay fun. Master each hero's particular skills and become a battlefield legend! Challenge your operations and strategies in the ultimate skill showdown, and have unprecedented gaming enjoyment. Choose your favorite heroes, unleash their abilities, fight alongside your allies, defeat enemies, and create legends!

Get Ready to Collaborate with Friends Anytime! In just 15 minutes, you may experience the ultimate competitive gameplay!

  • Enjoy competitive gaming in just 15 minutes with this MOBA game designed just for mobile devices. Use your brains in battle, combine strategy and talent, fight to the death, and become the match's MVP! Team up with friends at any moment, coordinate sensible hero selections, leverage your friends' synergy to sweep the battlefield with skill combos, and become the heroes who control the battlefield!

A team-based fair competition! It's all about skill!


  • Dominate the field with talent, pursuing glory with your teammates. No hero cultivation, no stamina system, restoring the fundamental thrill of game! A fair competitive environment with no additional pay-to-win features. Superior skill and strategy are your only paths to triumph and championship glory. Enter the mobile arena, where legends are made and heroism is tested with each task you encounter.

Local servers, voiceovers, and game content ensure a smooth and immersive gaming experience!

  • Local servers ensure that your gaming experience runs smoothly; localized hero voiceovers engage you in every exciting battle; and localized heroes and skins allow you to employ your favorite heroes to victory. At the same time, Honor of Kings is developing amazing AI for you. When you or your friends disconnect, the AI will briefly take control of the character to aid you in continuing the battle, guaranteeing you do not lose the victory due to outnumbered battles.

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