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Homesteads: Dream Farm & Town

Build your ideal town & live in the Wild West!

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Game Description

In the game Homesteads, take over the town as its owner!

Make the perfect home in the American West! Plant and harvest, tend to the animals, and generate the resources required for farming. Trade and sell products to grow your community. Construct homes, factories, and other buildings to improve occupant comfort.


Remember to include the town's comforts. Utilize an amazing array of decorations to design your ideal city. Help your new neighbors and invite friends. Take part in thrilling excursions and exchange gifts with one another. You're in for an exciting adventure filled with tales from the Wild West!


  • Interact with special gaming mechanics. Apprehend offenders in the community and prevent them from inciting fear among the locals. Take a chance in the saloon. open quarries and mines. Ships are sent abroad to sample specialties.
  • An infinite amount of area for creative solutions: build a city in the American West, embellish it however you see fit, and give it a distinct look.
  • Get to know amiable folks with interesting life stories. They will assist you with navigating the game and offer their skills to produce things.
  • Playing with friends, helping your neighbors, and exchanging gifts makes for a more enjoyable experience.
  • A game with distinctive characters, graphics, and mechanics is called Homesteads. In the wide territories of the Wild West, you will make new acquaintances and participate in thrilling adventures!

Put on a cowboy hat and make the town more organized! Download the game today!

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