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Hockey All Stars 24

You'll need to deke, dangle, slapshot & fight your way to victory!

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Game Description

Hockey All Stars is back with more realistic graphics, new game options, and even faster paced hockey action. , Deke, slapshot and fight your way to victory.

With Hockey All Stars 24, you can experience the thrill of building your own world class hockey team! Create your own Hockey club by designing the ideal team shirt and logo. Then, take on the ice to show off your abilities!


Unleash your competitive side as you earn and choose from thousands of players to improve your Hockey team. Refine your plan and put it to the test in the thrilling ALL STAR League.

Then, in Club Mode, enjoy the ultimate competition! Join a club, interact with your teammates, compete against gamers from all across the world, and prove you're the greatest. Soar to the top of the leaderboards and become a legend in the world of hockey.

Prepare to compete against the best hockey teams from the East and West in our exciting Play Off Mode, which has now been expanded to include European clubs. Are you prepared to bring home the hardware?

Embrace the Winter Games atmosphere and rally behind your favorite foreign teams.

Now is the time to download Hockey All Stars 24 and start constructing your own Hockey Legend!



  • Build Your Own Hockey Franchise and Unleash Your Inner Champion.
  • Create an iconic kit and logo for your team that reflects your personal style.
  • Ascend to Greatness and Pit Your Skills Against the World's Best Hockey Players.
  • Compete against the best teams in the East and West.
  • Show your support for the International Teams competing in the Unforgettable Winter Games.
  • Never before have you seen such amazing graphics and realistic player visuals.

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