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Make a School in the City that Students Will Want to Attend!

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Game Description

Go Back to School

Nobody ever forgets their high school years. The loads of homework you were assigned each day. The nasty food in the cafeteria you had to eat. The silly sport rivalries everyone had to partake in. The annoying cliques that teased and bullied anyone they could. If your time in high school is or was bitter like that, then High School Story will give you a chance to show the world how a school should really be run.

You’ll make a school of your own, building by building and student by student. Populate it with all of your friends, make some new ones as you host activities on the school grounds, and show the folks over at Hearst High that your school is the best one in town. With luck, your school will be the happening place teenagers will want to attend.


Build the School

Schools don’t grow on trees; they have to be constructed first. High School Story gives you the power to decide the look and layout of your school, as well as what facilities it will include.

  • Set up an admissions office to add more students to the body.
  • Make classrooms where students can acquire books and increase their knowledge.
  • Build hangouts for the assorted cliques to socialize in.
  • Decorate your school with trees, roads, fountains, benches, half-pipes and so on.
  • And much more!

Get to Know Your Students

A school is nothing if it doesn’t have a student body. As you build your center of learning, you will have the opportunity to enroll a variety of hopeful teenagers, each with their own skills, interests and stories.

  • Admit over 30 distinct students to your school.
  • Students come in a variety of cliques like Nerds, Jocks and Preps.
  • Unlock more advanced students, including cheerleaders, gamers, filmmakers, actors and more.
  • Complete quests for your fellow students. Learn more about them and make new friends.
  • Play matchmaker and set students up on dates.
  • Improve the kids’ statistics by making them hit the books.

Let the Tale be Told

High School Story isn’t just a sim; it’s an interactive story that casts you as a hero dealing with the ups and downs of school life. Your school will start out small in terms of space, population and prestige, but over the course of your adventure, it just might be able to grow into the most wondrous learning center of all.


  • Face down your rivals in Hearst High, the biggest school in town.
  • Band together with your fellow students to deal with bullies that prey on the weak.
  • Choose your course of action to determine how the plot will unfold.
  • Beat Hearst High in a variety of challenges, including prank wars, science fairs and sporting events.

A High School You Can Enjoy

Even if your time in high school was left wanting, there’s plenty to enjoy with High School Story. It combines elements of the tycoon and RPG genres to let you experience a story as you build a school and shape the lives of the many colorful personalities in its walls.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a more unique game to play on your mobile device, High School Story is worth enrolling in.

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