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Hexa Sort

A relaxing blend of challenging puzzles, strategic matching, and satisfying merging

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Game Description

Hexa Sort is a great combination of puzzle problems, smart matching, and a pleasant merging experience. Engage your mind with fascinating brain games that require intelligent puzzle solving and logical calculations, making them an excellent alternative for people looking for a mental workout.

Hexa Sort adds a novel twist to the conventional sort puzzle concept, allowing players to learn the art of shuffling and sorting hexagon tile stacks. With the goal of establishing satisfactory color matches, players can enjoy the excitement of color switching as well as the relaxing effects of merging tiles. Each level presents difficulties in achieving collection goals, offering the ideal blend of excitement and stress relaxation for those who like calm games.


The game's visuals include a visually appealing palette with gradients, resulting in a tranquil and Zen setting for players to enjoy. The game's basic design immerses you in the realm of color games, color sorting, and free therapy. The addition of 3D graphics provides another dimension of immersion, allowing players to view the board from various perspectives while engaging in the gratifying processes of stacking and merging tiles.

Hexa Sort is more than just a game; it's an intriguing brain puzzle that requires critical thinking. As players go through the stages, they will find the gameplay to be both addictive and peaceful, hitting the ideal balance between difficulty and relaxation. Put your talents to the test by sorting, stacking, and merging hexa tiles, and see the satisfying rewards of your work.

Unlock new levels to keep your mind fresh while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of this intriguing color puzzle game. The game appeals to fans of color-fill 3D and hexagon-based tasks. Invite your friends to join the fun, compete for high scores, and share the delight of playing exciting puzzle games.



  • Easy-to-play, relaxing gameplay
  • Smooth 3D visuals.
  • Vibrant colors
  • Power-ups and boosters.
  • Satisfying ASMR sound effects

Hexa Sort takes you on a thrilling adventure of color matching, sorting, and merging. Whether you like block games, need stress relief, or prefer colorful brain teasers, this game delivers a perfect blend of amusement and mental engagement. Sort, match, and merge your way to triumph in this thrilling and difficult puzzle adventure!

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