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Hero Legacy combines the mood of classic role-playing games with a new approach to mobile gaming

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Game Description

Hero! Thank the Gods you've returned!

The world you remember is no longer there. The forces of corruption are consuming Estaria... Even in the depths of despair, there is hope. You are the royal kid, the successor to the throne, and the future's brightness.



This is your tale. In this magical adventure, you are the one who creates the Hero's character and decides where fate will lead them next. Hero Legacy combines the mood of classic role playing games with a new approach to mobile gaming. It's fast paced, but it's centered on a thrilling story with numerous complexities.

The Hero may come across numerous people in need while on their journey. Your epic RPG adventure will be loaded with several quests and side quests that will frequently test your talents. But don't worry, you won't be alone.


Discover historical connections and summon the Ancestors, famous heroes who will become your faithful companions, friends, and family. At the start of your trip, you will encounter:

Tallan: The Nomad, a trickster and perpetual traveler who creates fresh stories wherever he goes.

Pyria: The Firebug, a real manifestation of her element, is as warm as a bonfire and as destructive as a firestorm.

Kiana: Gaia's Knight, endowed with superhuman strength and as solid as the earth itself.

The more you travel, the more of them you will encounter.


Estaria is endowed with magical abilities. It was once controlled by the Dragons, who were proud and clever creatures. Humans now dominate, yet this land still has many secrets, hidden treasures, and old magic waiting to be unearthed. Do you have the curiosity to unravel all of the world's mysteries?


You can immerse yourself in a dynamic world of rich sound, music, and colorful visuals in your endeavors. The hero travels through a hexagonal area filled with various environments and hidden pathways. You must not only keep your heart and eyes open, but also become a tenacious wanderer, as this adventure game provides you with an open world and all of the hardships that come with it. But don't worry, even the most difficult adventures won't be impossible because you'll be able to travel on the back of a strong dragon!


Each legendary hero has their own element, which serves as the foundation for their power. Your companions differ not just in personality and the type of magic they can use to help you, but they also each bring their own set of skills to the fight. Before your battle begins, you must carefully select your party based on the nature of the next task.


You will be in charge of restoring the country as a royal descendent. Throughout your journey, you will come across various elements and resources that will assist you in restoring your homeland's splendor.

You take care of your people first, and then they take care of you. This is how a good ruler behaves. You will be able to return to a fantasy city between expeditions. It will become your home, where you will rest, grow, and care for yourself.

Many difficulties await you, courageous Hero... But keep one thing in mind.


This is your chance.

It's time to take back your legacy!

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