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Collect cards & create powerful decks to challenge the world!

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Game Description

Hearthstone is an acclaimed collectible card game from Blizzard Entertainment, the same company that created World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Amass cards to build strong decks. To take control of constantly changing battlegrounds, summon minions and cast spells. Use a brilliant strategy to outsmart any opponents that dare to take you on.

Use cunning techniques to change the course of these PvE and PvP conflicts as each card brings to life an astounding ability. A Hearthstone card's potent powers and bizarre interactions can drastically alter a fight, whether it involves minions, a spell, quests, or heroes. Play as a cunning rogue, a potent wizard, or any of the other ten free Hero classes in the game!


Together with your pals, experience the magic, mischief, and mayhem. Download now to play Hearthstone with your friends and join the millions of other gamers already playing the game!

AN EXPANDING WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Join the fight alongside some of your favorite Warcraft characters, like Jaina Proudmore and Illidan Stormrage. In this frantic card game of devious strategy, you can explore famous locations from the legendary Warcraft universe as you perfect your deck, gather cards, and put together potent combos. Control the Azeroth battlefields by mastering the unexpected.

PLAY HEARTHSTONE BATTLEGROUNDS IN THE HIT GAME MODE. Eight heroes square off in a PvP auto-battler in Battlegrounds; invite your friends to join you in the game. Whoever is still standing wins everything! Will you win the Battlegrounds crown in the end?

MASTER THE ROGUELIKE ELEMENTS OF THE BRAND NEW RPG MODE CALLED HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES. Create and assemble the classic Warcraft characters on your ideal team. Grab your Mercenaries and start fighting, selecting the best skills to help you defeat your adversaries without having to prepare a deck. Learn a brand new RPG and take part in epic combat. Spend your money on upgrading and arming your mercenary team with the skills and treasures necessary to battle through roguelike areas and master a brand new combat system. Use tactics to defeat stronger, constantly changing foes because as your Mercenaries advance, so will their adversaries. Who among your mercenaries will triumph?



  • FINE TUNE YOUR SKILLS: Practice PvE quests, engage in real-time PvP combat with ferocious opponents from around the globe, and confront the most powerful Heroes in the Warcraft universe. Thrall, Jaina, Uther, Illidan, and more
  • JUMP RIGHT IN: Enjoyable tutorial missions introduce you to Hearthstone's simple gameplay with just a few seconds left before your first match!
  • GLORY AWAITS, EPIC HEROES, IN DUEL: In this CCG, you can battle fierce opponents from all over the world in real time PvP, win, and then use hundreds of unique cards to build your own deck.
  • HEARTHSTONE MERCENARIES: Play in novel ways with this brand new RPG. Every battle in a roguelike RPG is different because of the roguelike maps and seemingly limitless squad, treasure, and ability combinations. Finished constructing and balancing 30 card decks? Goodbye. Instead, decide which 6 Mercenaries you believe have what it takes to defeat your adversaries and get your rewards. As you play, you'll be able to gain new skills and weapons that will empower your mercenaries and give them new fighting techniques!

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