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Hay Day

Explore the countryside, build a farm and decorate your own slice of paradise!

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Game Description

Greetings from Hay Day. Create a farm, go fishing, take care of animals, and explore the Valley. Own a piece of the rural paradise that you can farm, decorate, and personalize.

Never has farming been simpler or more enjoyable! Even though it never rains, crops like wheat and corn are ready to be planted and will never wither away. To increase your crop yield, harvest and replant seeds, then produce products to sell. As your farm grows, welcome animals like chickens, pigs, and cows! Feed your animals to generate eggs, bacon, dairy, and other goods that you can sell to neighbors or fulfill orders for delivery trucks in exchange for cash.


Create a farm and develop it to the utmost extent possible, from a modest farm in a tiny town to a bustling enterprise. Farm production structures like bakeries, grills, and sugar mills will enable you to grow your business and sell additional products. Build a loom and sewing machine to make exquisite clothing or a cake oven to make delectable desserts. On your ideal farm, the possibilities are unlimited!

Customize and embellish your farm with a wide range of objects. Customizations can improve your farm, barn, truck, and roadside stand. Decorate your farm with things like a birthday cake, a panda statue, and harps, tubas, and cellos, among other things. Decorate your farm with unique elements, such as flowers that will draw butterflies. Create a farm that inspires your friends and showcases your personal style!

In this farming simulation, merchandise is traded and sold via riverboat or truck. Trade resources, food, and crops to video game characters. Gain experience and coins by exchanging products. Gaining levels will allow you to open up your own Roadside Shop, where you can sell additional goods and produce.

Increase your farming knowledge while having fun in the Valley with pals. Play with a team of up to 30 players by joining an existing neighborhood or starting one of your own. Share advice and assist one another in building incredible farms!

Download it right away to create the greatest farm ever!


Build a Farm:

  • Acquire plots, cultivate crops, reap them, and repeat.
  • Create your own paradise on your family farm.
  • Add production structures to your farm, such as a bakery, a feed mill, and a sugar mill.

Grow and Harvest Crops:

  • Harvest seeds, replant them, and they will grow again.
  • You may also use crops like wheat to create bread.
  • Crops like wheat and corn will never wither.


  • Oddball creatures are ready to be added to your farm!
  • Animals like puppies, kittens, and bunnies can be added to your family farm, along with chickens, horses, and cows.

Places to Visit:

  • Visit a fishing lake, fix your dock, and cast your bait into the waters.
  • Fix the train station and head into town to complete requests from town visitors.
  • Play with pals throughout various climes and occasions.

Play with your neighbors and friends:


  • Welcome guests to your area!
  • Trade fresh items and crops with your neighbors in-game.
  • Help friends accomplish trades by offering advice.
  • Compete against your neighbors in weekly derby events to earn prizes!

Trading Game:

  • Trade resources, fresh commodities, and harvests via a steamboat or delivery truck.
  • Market things through your own roadside shop.
  • Farming simulator meets trading game.

Build your ideal farm right away by downloading!

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