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Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor

Hurry up, many patients are waiting for your help at Central Hospital!

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Game Description

Manage doctors in order to create a pleasant medical center. Have fun with the hospital clinic game.

We need you to hurry because there is an emergency at Central Hospital! Many patients are waiting for your assistance!


This is a hospital simulation game in which you can play as a doctor or nurse and assist patients in recovering. You can even take on the job of a hospital administrator, constructing, maintaining, and managing your facility.

You can earn money by curing patients and upgrading the hospital's numerous facilities to make a more perfect medical center.



  • There are hundreds of various level objectives, and the level content is fascinating. You will not be bored
  • Doctors from all departments will come to the level, and you will be able to assist in the treatment of various patients
  • Excellent hospital facility improvement system, no matter how challenging the level
  • Decorate your hospital. You can make your own hospital by designing various types of equipment
  • The innovative accomplishment collection system adds variety to your game
  • Extensive activity incentives contribute to a more rewarding sense of purpose

Do you want to construct a world class hospital? This is the place to make your dreams come true!

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