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Happy Dessert Cafe

Serve your customers a variety of tasty items, like coffee, pastries, sweets, sandwiches, and more!

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Game Description

Happy Dessert Cafe is a calm, informal cafe management simulator that allows you to supervise everything from recipes to workers while establishing a profitable cafe. Create your own delectable desserts and coffee, and compete for the title of 'Best Dessert Cafe'!

Create Dessert!


  • Offer your customers a variety of tasty items, like coffee, pastries, sweets, sandwiches, and more. Continue playing to uncover even more delicacies for you to prepare! As your cafe business grows, more and more amusing foods will be unlocked!

Satisfy Customers to Reap the Rewards!

  • Obtain high-end ingredients, create seasonal products, and offer a variety of dishes to attract customers and satisfy everyones 'cup of tea'!

Build and Expand Your Cafe!

  • Expand and design a high-quality cafe! Choose flooring, decor, and furniture to transform your cafe and make it the buzz of the town!

Competitions to Entice Customers!

  • Choose appropriate meals based on competition regulations to obtain a competitive advantage and receive bonus points for uniqueness! Customers will undoubtedly line up around the block if they have won a competition!


  • A pleasant and healing game.
  • Enjoy the warm art style and peaceful soundtrack.
  • Eat excellent meals and communicate with your partners at home, in restaurants, or while on the go!
  • Kick up your feet and enjoy a quick respite from your problems!
  • New day, new game, so fresh and clean

Happy Dessert Cafe is simple and soothing for players of all skill levels!

Whether you're at the table, on the bus, or taking a break from work, fun is just a few presses away.

Your adorable companions can run restaurants themselves. They certainly are wonderful!


Take orders, cook food, then serve it to customers.

If you've ever played a business or cookery simulator, you'll absolutely love this game!

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