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Hamster Inn

Open the world's first Hamster Inn and serve a variety of adorable animal customers!

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Game Description

It's not simple to operate a hotel as a lovely, small hamster. But somebody has to squeak it out! Open the world's first Hamster Inn and welcome all sorts of adorable animal guests. Upgrade and decorate your hotel as you offer 5-star service! With each successive chamber, a swarm of whiskered guests eagerly awaits your assistance. In this lively inn cutesy game and management sim, you may ensure their comfort, upgrade your inn, and experience a waterfall of lovely moments!

Welcome Your Furry Guests


  • Welcome a diverse range of guests: from the traveling hamster musician to the corporate hamster-on-the-go, each is unique and eager for your personalized care.
  • Keep your guests satisfied and gain reputation points. The better your service, the more likely guests are to check in!
  • Respond swiftly to the requirements of your small customers to ensure a continual flow of new visitors, keeping your inn busy and entertaining.

Upgrade and Design Your Inn

  • Start with a simple inn and grow into a luxurious hamster refuge with a range of rooms and services.
  • Decorate with style: Select from a wide range of furniture and décor items to give your inn a distinct look.
  • Hire skilled hamster personnel, from careful cleaners to skillful chefs, to ensure your guests' comfort.
  • As your reputation increases, you will be able to unlock new rooms and features to add to the charm of your inn.

Collect Adorable Decorations and Items

  • Go on a fun adventure for one-of-a-kind objects to personalize your inn.
  • From ancient paintings to modern décor, make your inn a reflection of your personality and taste.
  • Show off your collection to friends and other innkeepers. Allow your imagination to flourish and become the buzz of the hamster world!

Delight in Hamster Moments


  • Witness endless charming moments as hamsters relax in a comfy bed and eat a tasty dinner.
  • Use your camera to capture these moments and keep memories of your beloved pets.
  • Have enjoyable encounters with your guests, learning about their unique tales and origins.

Idle and Relax

  • Get into the groove of running your inn, allowing your guests' cute antics to take your tension away.
  • With calming music and bright animations, Hamster Inn is the ideal escape to a world of charm and relaxation.
  • Ideal for those looking for a relaxing game with a hint of strategy and a lot of charm!

So, are you ready to explore the world of whiskers, little paws, and comfortable inns? Your enjoyable trip as an innkeeper awaits. Welcome to the Hamster Inn, where every day is an amusing adventure!

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