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Halloween Farm

Beware of Werewolves, Ghosts, Spiders, Aliens, Vampires, Zombies and Witches!

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Game Description

A fun farming game with The magical environment includes a zombie, a werewolf, and a terrifying home. Build your city, cultivate ghost pumpkins and collect magic herbs from your garden, and make costumes.

Welcome to Monster Family Farm Mansion in Mystic Township City.


Create your own fairy Halloween farm by harvesting magic plants, feeding animals, trading with pals, making sweets and costumes, renovating the house, and constructing a carnival fair. Evolve a large farm into a frightening house from an abandoned town!

Grow magical plants like ghost hay, spiky ivy, dragon mushrooms, and the perfect apple!

Participate in a mystery fair and carnival!

Dare to enter our dark town and participate in the hidden life of our Monster House. A vampire will prepare a blood potion, a spider will build a web, and a witch will dine on a mystic graph in a dark garden...

What secrets does this mansion keep? Play and discover!



  • Develop your farm.
  • Enjoy a lovely fair at the Witch Mansion.
  • Harvest mysterious idle plants every day.
  • Create a gloomy farm with unusual plants and pets.
  • Craft costumes and sweets
  • Sell and purchase things.
  • Deliver things with a witch broom and finish orders.
  • Discover secret chests containing wealth.
  • Decorate your farm field with vivid colors.

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