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Greedy Wizards

Join a magical game show as a Wizard!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Greedy Wizards: Magical Game Show Dungeon Crawler!

As a wizard, participate in a wonderful game show! In our enchanted dungeons, join forces to battle swarms, get loot, and level up!



  • Three player co op Multiplayer: Join forces with friends to take on waves of enemies. How much loot can you collect?
  • Character Development and Upgrading: Upgrade and personalize your wizards. Unleash your mystical abilities!
  • Streaks, Competitions, and Revival: Ride your winning streak, compete in epic tournaments, and use your EGP for appropriate revivals.
  • Regular Dungeon Levels: PVE action in co op! Clear the stages, defeat the monsters, and collect bonus tokens.
  • Bonus Rounds: It's a Battle Royale! Dive in, take as much as you can, and reap the benefits.

Why are there Greedy Wizards?

Set out on an exciting adventure in the world's most magical game show! Join forces with other wizards, enhance your weaponry, and go on epic dungeon raids. Whether you're completing tasks in co op or snatching prizes in bonus rounds, there's no end to the magic, excitement, and adventure. Download Greedy Wizards right now and become the show's star!

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