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GRAND CROSS: Age of Titans

The world of Skyna has become enveloped within the chaos of darkness. Will you become the one who saves the world?

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Game Description

A Whole New Perspective on Strategy! THE BEGINNING OF A NEW WORLD MMORTS Grand Cross: Age of Titans. The Interdimensional Conflict Has Begun! Begin the Grand Launch!

Skyna's strange world is consumed in the tumult of darkness.


Become the hero who saves the planet!

Welcome to Grand Cross: Age of Titans, the next generation strategy game!

A next generation strategy game with advanced tactics.
Customized troops, real time controls, and special troops capable of raining down fire from the sky are all available. From tide turning Liege Skills to Titan class mecha weapons, Skyna's battlefields are diverse and unexpected. Use a combination of methods and elements to win your way.

Titans, the ultimate weapon
Use Titans and their tremendous special abilities strategically to turn the tide of battle against all odds. Make use of Titans to help you get out of difficult circumstances.

A narrative in the style of a webtoon
Eugene and Mio, two unlikely heroes, are taken to Skyna's planet. This is the account of their difficulties in Skyna, as well as the friends they make along the journey. Discover the story in a fully narrated webtoon style with hundreds of panels!


Grow with your alliance to become the ultimate Castle War conqueror!
Form an alliance by joining forces with others! It is up to you and your supporters to usurp the kingdom's lone throne! Your partnership will face several opponents and challenges. Overcome all obstacles and triumph in the Castle War!

Build your own region to protect yourself from destruction. Rebuild the land that the Chaos invasion has ravaged. To customize your territory, experiment with different themes and customizable buildings.

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