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The Case of the Golden Idol

Examine clues and use your deduction skills to solve a series of horrible crimes

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Game Description

Mayhem, magic, and murder are most wicked! In this point-and-click detective adventure game, investigate clues and apply deduction to solve a series of brutal murders as well as the tangled mystery of a family's cursed treasure.

In 1742, a gold figurine enchanted with extraordinary abilities falls into the hands of an explorer by a malicious crime. Decades later, the treasure continues to strike a spell on his descendants. Step into the shoes of an 18th-century detective to investigate the grim truth behind a succession of bizarre, and maybe connected, fatalities that appear to follow the idol's death.


The Netflix edition of the game includes two additional precursor chapters, 'The Spider of Lanka' and 'The Lemurian Vampire.'


Play detective by studying crime scenes, analyzing information, and drawing your own conclusions. Examine clues in classic point-and-click action. Your deduction abilities allow you to identify each suspect, motivation, and murder weapon.


Use the clues you find in each scenario to fill in the gaps in a story. Unmask the killers in this expansive tale and learn their sinister motivations. Every chapter reveals more of the terrible truth.



Discover the true nature of the enigmatic Golden Idol and those who want it. Follow the story of a cursed aristocratic family and a secret political organization as you unravel a web of villainy and deception.

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