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Godzilla Defense Force

Defend your base against Godzilla!

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Game Description

In Godzilla: Defense Force, you must defend your base from the worst menace imaginable! You must defend your base from Godzilla, the King of Monsters, and other kaiju from TOHO's official IP in this base defense game!

Defend towns all across the world against monstrous kaiju! Monsters from the Godzilla franchise are on the rampage, and it's up to you to defend, battle, and recruit these fearsome animals in order to save the Earth!


Defend the base against Godzilla and other monsters from 29 different films, dating from 1954 to the present day! Building a base allows you to join forces with diverse allies, such as MechaGodzilla and Kaiju, to protect the city!

Monsters can be gathered as 'Monster Cards,' which can be used as 'Skills' or 'Buffs' to improve your defense. Defend the base, battle and gather Monster Cards, and unlock the 'Codex,' which includes extensive descriptions of all the monsters as well as graphics from respective films!


Base Defense Video Game

  • Monsters from Godzilla's lore are wreaking havoc on major cities!
  • Protect cities such as Tokyo, London, and Sydney!
  • Base defense challenges your greatest defenses against monster, kaiju, and Godzilla offensives!

Base Maker

  • Use lunar colonization and a novel time traveling mechanic to defend your city and bolster your army!
  • Construct your bases and defend them against legendary creatures!
  • Establish bases in cities all over the world.

Game of Godzilla


  • Godzilla appears in all of his various guises, from 1954 to the present!
  • Monsters from 29 films are brought to your phone in this authentic Godzilla defensive clicker game!
  • Gather monsters and improve Godzilla Cards to summon Godzilla in battle!
  • In the Monster Codex, meet Godzilla and his pantheon of monsters!

Game of Idle Clicker

  • Idle defense: protect your base while keeping an eye on it.
  • Clicker game: tap to strengthen your foundation and prepare your defense.

Godzilla Defense Force combines base defense with movie monsters! Defend your base against TOHO's gigantic monsters and acquire your favorite kaiju. Download now!

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