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Gods Raid

Collect, train, ascend, evolve, and awaken your Heroes to alter the course of the planet!

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Game Description

Welcome to Valhalla!

Collect, train, ascend, evolve, and awaken your Heroes to influence the fate of the planet.


Form the best raid party by combining Legendary Heroes and Absolute Gods.

Download today to join Gods and Heroes on their epic journey to halt the Final Battle!

Meet fabled beings from around the world!

  • Lead your team to victory with the help of the Gods!
  • Absolute entities from Greek, Roman, Norse, and Egyptian mythology will guide you on your voyage.

Explore Valhalla with Legendary Heroes!

  • Gather Human, Orc, Beast, Demon, and Undead Heroes.
  • Provide them with weapons and equipment so that they can unleash their power on the battlefield!

Create Valhalla's greatest team by merging Gods and Heroes!

  • Create a raid party that combines heroes and gods.
  • Use Tactics to create your own unique composition.

Form a clan to prepare for the final battle!

  • Fight alongside your clan members to remove adversaries lurking deep within the dungeons, threatening Valhalla.
  • Also, don't forget about the Clan Shop's exclusive bonuses.

Explore the Campaign's zones to gain materials for your adventure!

  • Experience the epic story, which develops in several stages, including the 'Frozen Plains' and the 'Arid Desert.'
  • Perform supernatural miracles to rescue yourself out of danger.

Prove who is the strongest warrior in the Arena!


  • Fight other warriors in PvP fights to prove your value.
  • To compete in the Legendary Arena, you must first reach the Diamond Tier.

Master the Gods' challenges in Challenge mode to get stronger!

  • See how far you can get in this PvE challenge.
  • Amazing rewards await at the conclusion of tough trials.

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