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Gangster Paradise

Join a gang, make a name for yourself and rise through the ranks on your way to the top!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Gangster Paradise is a one of a kind, entertaining, and addictive ONLINE multiplayer gangster game. Ascend the ranks of the casino's dealers, gangsters, crimes, and gambling. To advance faster in the game, steal from and attack other players! Join a gang to take part in raids, own properties, and rule the game.



  • A real time internet rating system.
  • Compete against other players and track your total position while you play!
  • Participate in the community through chat, forums, and messaging.
  • Make and personalize your own profile. Make a name for yourself.
  • Commit crimes, steal cars, and escape from jail
  • Manage your empire while controlling your own city.
  • Hire dealers and assemble a gangster army.
  • Engage in battle with other players. Take their money or beat them hard.
  • Form or join a gang and construct your headquarters, properties, score, and raid other gangs for rewards.
  • Play casino mini games such as BlackJack.
  • Consider the big picture. Make the most of your map placement, income, location effects, perks, timing, attacks, defense, and other strategic features.

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