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Funny Fighters

Enter the 5-minute brawls to experience a frenzy of fun and excitement!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

Enter the 5 minute brawls to experience a frenzy of fun and excitement!

A Wide Range of Heroes and Skins


  • Choose the best fit for you from a plethora of Heroes! Collect beautiful skins to stand out on the battlefield.

There are numerous brawl modes available to meet your multiplayer needs:

  • Solo: 1v1 combat, Solo Deathmatch, and Elite Challenge
  • Duo: Elite Challenge
  • 3v3: Arena
  • 4v4: Classic Mode, Gold Rush, and Soccer
  • 5v5: Heist Mode

Each mode has its own map!

Countless Weapons and Mods

  • Make ordinary materials into bizarre weapons to spice up brawls! Collect Weapon Mods to add special effects to your weapons. Legendary Mods also have strong qualities. There are also numerous themed Weapon Skins to obtain.

Seasonal Battle Pass and Extensive Rewards


  • Complete tasks for a large amount of Gold, goods, Mods, and Epic Chest Lottery Tickets. Each season will have a different theme!

Ascend to the Top and Make Your Mark

  • In the Ranked Mode, you may have fun while competing against other excellent fighters from across the world!

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