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Frozen City

An ice & snow apocolyptic city-building simulator

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Game Description

A simulation game where you develop cities in a world covered in snow and ice. You must acquire resources and reconstruct society in your role as the chief of the final village on Earth. To survive, gather supplies, delegate tasks, explore the wilderness, overcome hostile environments, and employ a variety of strategies.

Survival Simulation


The main characters in the game are survivors. They are the crucial labor force that keeps the city functioning. Give your survivors tasks that include material collection and facility work. Take care of the survivors' bodily and mental well being. The survivors may become ill if there is a shortage of food or if it is below freezing outside. There may also be protests if the working conditions or living conditions are not satisfactory.

Explore the Wild

Your settlement is located in a vast, untamed, frozen area. As the survivor teams expand, there will be exploration teams. Send the exploration teams on an excursion in search of new resources. Tell us the tale of this snow and ice Armageddon!



  • Settlements: Create settlements by gathering resources, going on wild explorations, providing for people's fundamental necessities, and striking a balance between supply and demand.
  • Production: convert raw resources into usable products, establish a sustainable production ratio, and enhance town operations.
  • Labor: Assign survivors to various jobs, including laborers, hunters, chefs, etc. Keep an eye on the well being and health of survivors. Find out more about how the town is run. Play hardcore, demanding games.
  • Expansion: Grow the town's survivor population by adding new colonies to attract additional survivors.
  • Heroes: Army or Gang, what matters is who they follow, not where they stand or who they are. Hire them to assist the town's expansion.

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