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Fight to survive in a frozen wasteland!

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(Android - For most Android based phones and tablets.
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Game Description

We are still alive, and we will continue to survive!

In the nineteenth century, the planet abruptly froze due to an ice age, resulting in anarchy.


The last survivors moved to the Arctic to live, where they discovered a generator.

With the Generator as their only hope for survival, they begin on a journey of discovery.

Frostpunk's official mobile version is now available!

  • Immerse yourself in the epic story of the popular console game, now available on smartphones!
  • Navigate the struggle to protect human dignity and preserve everyone's survival amid harsh, life-threatening conditions.
  • Discover the frozen world of the late nineteenth century, where steam engines and extreme cold coexist.

Recommended for:

  • People that like authentic building simulations.
  • People who desire to establish their own city.
  • People who enjoy the steampunk environment.
  • People who have enjoyed playing Frostpunk.
  • People who enjoy snow-covered landscapes in winter.

Create Your Own Steampunk City.

  • Strategically arrange buildings for maximum efficiency.
  • Create a unique city with special structures.

Resource Supply via the Trading Base.

  • Trade crucial resources with other players.
  • Check out the frequently updated Trading Base listings.
  • Obtain special stuff from the Shop and from black-market vendors.

Play with others

  • Communicate with other users using the socializing features.
  • Visit your friends' cities to learn strategic city plans.
  • Experience rapid growth by delivering buffs.

Embrace Endangered Animals

  • Rescue and protect animals to earn rewards.
  • Create a fantastic handbook with rescued animals.

Weather the Whiteout to Protect Your City.


  • Protect the city and residents from natural disasters for amazing rewards!
  • Experience the unique dungeon-style stuff.

Find Your Relief from City Construction Fatigue.

  • Choose legislation that will advance your city.
  • Description Go on an expedition to find resources in the frigid wilderness.

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