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Forsaken Evil: Gods' Quest

Enjoy a casual fantasy idle MMORPG

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Game Description

Forsaken Evil: Gods' Quest is a fantasy idle MMORPG game. Eternal and indestructible.

In this captivating RPG, you will embark on an epic journey across the mythical worlds! Explore and unite the three realms.


Undersea War: BOSS Challenge

  • New map gameplay with strong attack! Tense and exciting undersea war on the point of eruption, constantly featuring a unique magical sea combat against the enormous warships. Break over geographical barriers and discover a new path to fairy cultivation!

Assemble Your Team for Endless Battles

  • Open the Guild interface, verify all members, and fight cross-server fights together. Members of the Guild are classified as Guild Master, Vice Guild Master, Elders, and Members. As your Guild level rises, you will get greater perks. Assist in completing Guild assignments, grow the Guild, receive contribution points, increase Guild strength, and enjoy additional benefits!

Adorable Mounts and Loyal Partners

  • Obtain a divine mount without spending money and enjoy the thrill of nurturing them. Using various cultivation methods, you can transform your horses into incredible beasts. Go on adventurous adventures together and experience the prowess of friends and companions!

Thrilling competition and Intense Battles

  • Experience fluid attack mechanics and combine various combo skills to enjoy the most exciting confrontations. Participate in a variety of PvP modes, including fair one-on-one duels and massive multiplayer conflicts. Who will become the ultimate monarch in the chaotic realms?

Skill Development and Artifact Enhancement


  • Begin your cultivation journey and discover a variety of ways. Improve your talents, gain power, and participate in conflicts between gods and demons. Create unusual and unique objects to help you on your adventure and create an immersive environment!

Romance Gameplay: Find True Love

  • Team up with pals to form formidable factions and fight side by side for glory. Find your true love in the Three Realms, raise your offspring, and engage in epic conflicts together. Accept a love that transcends lives and work together to overcome the hardships that lie ahead.

Enter the mystical world of RPGs and embark on an incredible journey full of adventures, cultivation, and battles! Explore the Three Realms and leave your mark on the earth. Upgrade your abilities, build strong equipment, and conquer the Three Realms!

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