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For Honor

In this epic battle game, you will take control of courageous warriors from many nations and start on a journey around the globe in search of glory!

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Game Description

In this epic war game, you will take control of courageous warriors from many nations and start on a voyage throughout the world in search of glory.

Hello, action and PvP fans! Prepare for a game that brings together unique warriors from history. In this epic war game, you will take control of courageous warriors from many nations and start on a voyage throughout the world in search of glory.



The battlefields are loaded with many obstacles. Enter the online tournament and overcome your opponents. Take on PvP battles in 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 team variants. Fight for your honor and demonstrate your particular skills to emerge victorious on the battlefield, or rush to victory with your squad.


Choose among legendary warriors: The nobility of knights, the savagery of Vikings, the competence of Joseon warriors, and the Ottoman Empire's tactical expertise... Which country would you choose? Control your nation's hero's unique battle powers and compete against other gamers from across the world!


Create your own famous hero in the realm of Rise of Battlefield: For Honor! Develop and improve your hero so that he can control the battlefield.


Equip your hero with formidable weapons, high-quality jewelry, and magical runes. Test your luck by upgrading your equipment and earning special set bonuses. Obtain the best equipment to defeat your foes!


Upgrading your hero's combat skills will increase his effectiveness on the battlefield. Strategically upgrade your talents to gain an advantage over your opponents. Remember, every time you level up, you gain a new status point!


Explore each country's history and shape your heroes' road to destiny. Playable ancient heroes await you. Here are the traits of some of the ancient heroes available in the game:


  • Knights: Represent heroism and nobility. Self-sacrifice, courage, and justice shape their personalities.
  • Viking: Finds strength in the north winds and the severity of the wilderness.
  • Joseon: the ideal balance of aesthetics and strategy. Win via intelligence and creative strategies.
  • Ottoman Empire: Famed for its formidable tactics and methods on the stage of history. When you choose the Ottoman Empire, learn the art of war and surprise your adversaries.
  • Samurai: Choose a traditional Japanese warrior and fight for your honor.
  • China: Combine the riches of your ancient civilization with your combat abilities to defeat your opponents.
  • Mongols: Rulers of the vast steppes. Use a nomad's superior battling skills to survive.
  • Roman: Sense military force in your veins, from ancient Greek soldiers to Byzantium.
  • England Kingdoms: You will take the initiative and reign fairly over your friends.
  • Kelt: Blends science and fighting with his massive metal armor on the battlefield.
  • Kuwaiti Warriors: The heroes of a nation emerging from the desert's searing sand!
  • Arabic: A warrior fighting for justice in a desert where quartz sands dance.


  • Tasks will help you make faster progress.
  • The prizes are considerable; gather gold, silver, and other precious stuff.
  • Your domestic companion will provide you with numerous perks.
  • The chests contain gifts, and if you have the key, you can unlock the rewards.
  • Don't miss out on events; take advantage of special events on major dates throughout the year.
  • Get your free battlepass reward; you can also upgrade to premium if you desire.
  • User-friendly interface for an enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Totally free to play.

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