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Flexy Ring

Can you untangle the rubber bands?

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Game Description


Are you trying to find a brand-new puzzle game that will really push your mental limits? Simply touch on the pins to release the rubber bands and progressively untangle them to finish each level in the entertaining logic game Flexy Ring. However, as the levels advance, the game's difficulty quickly increases. Untie the rubber bands to solve challenge after intriguing conundrum in this incredibly fun and difficult game, putting your physics knowledge and creative problem-solving skills to the test.



  • A game with significant stretch: Flexy Ring is a game that has more than enough content to occupy your mental capacity for hours and hours of mentally taxing logic puzzle enjoyment with over 150 difficult levels and eight distinctive game modes.
  • Snap to it: The game's idea and mechanics couldn't be any easier-all you have to do is touch on the appropriate pins to release the elastic bands with a gratifying ping. But are you certain you can release them in the proper sequence to untangle the maze and finish the puzzle?
  • If you make a mistake and ping the incorrect rubber band, you can restart the problem and try a different strategy as many times as necessary without incurring any penalties. Keep pinging the bands until you find the correct solution.
  • Sticky situations: Try the Rubber Band Challenge with more than 20 different bursting objects over and over again. Rubber bands should be added until the item pops. But don't worry, your screen shields you from flying watermelon chunks and the rest of the blast's debris.
  • Pay attention to the small print: In the extra-large stages, there are massive puzzles that demand you to zoom in and unravel the rubber band tangle's individual knots while always keeping the overall picture in mind.
  • Relax while you untangle: Beautiful, vibrantly colored rubber bands, lovely backgrounds, eight distinct locales, and pleasing sound effects make Flexy Ring an enjoyable and stress-relieving experience even when the puzzles are challenging to solve.


Do you believe you possess the physicist knowledge, mental flexibility, and visual awareness required to solve some of the most difficult rubber band puzzles? Then get Flexy Ring right away, and be ready for hours of addicting elastic band entertainment that will keep you entertained and challenge your brain repeatedly. Play Flexy Ring right away to find out what true fun with rubber bands is all about.

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