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Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is an exciting mix of arcade & simulation fishing

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Game Description

Have you ever wanted to catch a fish but couldn't because you couldn't get to your favorite fishing spots? Have you had enough of casual fishing games? Play Fishing Clash, a free multiplayer fishing game popular with millions of anglers, and combine fishing and life!

Fishing Clash combines the best aspects of multiplayer fishing games: realism from simulator games, competitiveness from sports games, and the social aspect of fishing and hunting apps. It's the most realistic simulator among multiplayer fishing games, with fishing sites from all around the world.


How can you catch a fish rapidly in Fishing Clash?

  • Start the game
  • In the bottom right corner, tap the 'Cast' button
  • Continuously tap the 'Strike' button to keep the line tension indication in the center of the top bar
  • Take pleasure in the appearance of the fish on your fishing hook

What comes next?

  • Unwind by catching more fish or winning matches in the fun multiplayer battle mode
  • Participate in multiplayer challenges and tournaments
  • Level up and discover new fishing places by upgrading your lure cards
  • Take over the fishing planet

Fish all over the world!
There are fisheries practically everywhere in this multiplayer simulator, from the Florida coast and the Kenai River to Lake Biwa, the Galapagos, and Loch Ness. A fishery can be found practically anywhere in the world! Obtain a large number of fish such as bass, carp, trout, and even some monster fish from the deep sea!

Amass and enhance lure cards!
Winning duels or placing first in championships will earn you packs of lure cards. Collect them and upgrade them to capture bigger fish, just like in collectible card games! The larger they are, the more likely they are to win competitive multiplayer games and fishing world cup events!

A real time duels simulator!
Play a fishing duel against other fishermen to experience the thrill of multiplayer games. You'll need both your abilities and your wits! Become a fishing master by catching the most fish on your fishing line and winning every fishing battle.

Participate in live events!
Every day, you can participate in daily or weekly events to win great goodies such as new rods, lure cards, and skill tokens. Pass the fishing trial, face up against angry sharks, become a catfish hunter, or a traveler capturing the biggest fish in a variety of fishing locations!

Join or start a clan!
Although Fishing Clash is mostly a simulator, it has social features similar to free fishing apps. In multiplayer Clan Wars, you can communicate with other fishermen, exchange lure cards, and work together for amazing rewards.

The stronger your abilities, the better your catch!
Every fishing spot has its own skill tree. Use skill tokens to acquire new skills and receive benefits for all rarities of fish, among other things!

Beautiful fishing places!
You'll enjoy the appearance of all fishing sites, whether you prefer fly fishing, ice fishing, or trolling. Every fishery in Fishing Clash has stunning 3D panoramas and hand crafted fish that you'll want to catch on your fishing line. After all, it is a realistic simulator.


Every week, fresh content is added!
New fish, new fisheries, new rods: new stuff is added to this realistic simulator every week, so there's never a shortage of fish to catch! Combine fishing with living!

Fishing Clash is a wonderful casual time killer whether you're a seasoned angler or a fan of multiplayer simulation games. It provides an amazing experience for anyone looking for a realistic fishing simulator, with dozens of fishing places worldwide and hundreds of fish species. GET IT NOW!

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