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Game Description

Are you prepared to think critically? Let's get going! Welcome to Figgerits, a fantastic game for solving riddles and brainteasers.

Figgerits is a combination between a word game and a logic problem that will blow your head and sharpen your mental faculties. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? To win the game, play IQ logic games, work out mental teasers, and finish all the stages. Decipher the cryptogram and the message by using hints.


How do grownups and others play this game of logic puzzles in the mind?

A brain game is called a Figgerit. A small truism will be produced after the mental work is finished and written onto the solution dashes.

To solve brainteasers:

  • Try to predict as many words as you can using definitions.
  • Transfer letters to the solution dashes by matching letters and numbers.
  • Pay close attention, since each word corresponds to a different number.
  • Go back to the wordlist to fill in any dashes that are missing letters.
  • The game of reasoning is over!

You can increase mental capacity, sharpen logic abilities, and test IQ with Figgerits. You can amuse and challenge yourself at the same time by solving brain teasers and grid riddles, cracking cryptograms, completing crossword puzzles, and playing games that resemble crosswords. Play Figgerits instead of tedious logic games!



  • Numerous puzzles to solve and play
  • varying degrees of difficulty
  • Tests; brainteasers, logic problems, and more
  • Amazing graphics and an easy-to-use interface

Enjoy Figgerits by playing it! While completing puzzles and figuring out difficulties, exercise your brain. With this fascinating puzzle game, you'll never get bored! Get Figgerits to enjoy himself.

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