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Farlight 84

Fly and rush about the battlefield with a one-of-a-kind jetpack, and meet a cast of characters brimming with personality and ultimate abilities!

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Game Description

In Farlight 84, shoot your way to the top of the Apex!

Farlight 84, set in 2084, transports players to an apocalyptic near future world where they can commandeer vehicles with lethal offensive capabilities, soar and sprint across the battlefield with a one of a kind Jetpack, and uncover a roster of heroes brimming with personality and ultimate powers!


Break it all down!

Ace Your Battles by smashing with ultimate skills!
14 Heroes, all with incredible abilities you've never seen before! Turn the battle tides and experience their prowess. You never know who will make it to the end!

Blow them up with armored vehicles!
Our armored vehicles will annihilate your adversaries! With bullets, tremendous firepower, and fast speed, you can rule the battlefield!

Unleash Your Energy! Smash with creative weaponry!
Weapons from four separate manufacturers, each with their own distinct style! These tough lads will never let you down in battle!

Smash with one of a kind heroes. Be Who You Want to Be!
Capsulers with distinct personalities are now available! Gather your Clan and grab the victory!

Jetpack Smash. Fly and Dash!
Jetpacks provide an exciting and never before seen shooting experience! In the heat of combat, propel forward or upward and dodge projectiles in style!


Turn heads and roll with the times with fashionable styles!
Are you a drama queen or a low key gentleman? Dress up in a one of a kind Skin from your Warehouse! Have fun slamming under the spotlight!

Smashing in multiple modes. More Fun Than Battle Royale
Whatever way you want to play it, there's always something new to discover. HUNT, Team Deathmatch, Bayfront Rally, and more activities.

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