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Family Island

Build your farm. Grow, harvest and cook your crops.

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Game Description

On a remote island, how would life be without modern technology? In this captivating offline adventure game, explore the simplicity of the primitive environment alongside a modern Stone Age family. A family of four-Bruce, Eva, and their children-are stranded on a remote island and needs your advice and assistance in building a new home from scratch and jokingly navigating through various family life difficulties.

Help this family create a prosperous town while they search for a means to reunite with their loved ones and tribe after a volcano eruption destroyed their former settlement. In spite of the fact that they don't have access to contemporary technology, the characters in this farm game have daily family lives and interpersonal connections that are quite similar to our own.


A farm game with fascinating adventure and unexpected turns is called Family Island.


  • Have fun on your trip back in time to the Stone Age! Start farming in a creative way by utilizing interesting historical practices.
  • You can release your inner explorer in this agriculture game and embark on an exhilarating journey to new islands.
  • Start a farm for your family on the remote island! Create valuable items to exchange with other characters while growing crops, and decorate your farm with lovely fixtures.
  • In this island game, you can get to know the family better while guiding them through thrilling quests and life stories.

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