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Fake Future

What happens when AI achieves self-awareness and outperforms humans?

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Game Description

7th mission launched Run back to Earth. Dive in for 110 DRAWS, a Cyberoid, a cyberpunk decoration, a music module, and more! AI can help us rebuild our future!

What happens when AI becomes self aware and surpasses humanity?


What decisions will mankind make in the face of the arrival of a new energy known as 'Icey'?

Numerous complicated hints point to an unknown 'pixel' space...the 'Fake Future'.

The 'future' it represents is misty yet enigmatic, much like the desolation that followed Earth's devastation, desiring regeneration and exploration. You won't want to miss this retro futuristic pixel simulation game if you like cyber pixel aesthetic or sci fi. Come join us right now!

Restart the Earth, Create Your Society
It should not be a casual and instant login and logout! We have an infinite number of combinations and options! Let your imagination and ingenuity run wild. Block-building, placement arts, it's all up to you! Create your own homeland with your own hands!

Alien Invasion, Riddles Intertwined
An entire wasteland will be exposed to you! Desert, woodlands, mines, tunnels... they all have exciting adventures and stories to tell! Gather your crew and leave right away! The mysteries of alien life forms must be unraveled!

Humanity's Survival and Cooperative Growth
You have the option of rejecting or accepting quests from a variety of unusual visitors who will be visiting your headquarters. They may be couriers, helpers, robbers, or cyborg men...! Your decisions will have an impact on their life! Will you keep your ideals in the face of the unknown, or will you take the chance of cooperation?


Awakened AI Consciousness, Ester Eggs Scattered
You are not only rebuilding a home, but also a universe of Cyberoids! Dive into their past memories and master the technologies to create new Cyberoids! You can also try to tap into their subconscious. It's a challenge for you! Let us explore the mysteries of AI awareness and its awakening!

The Future Unfolds, Civilization Continues
You will discover that you are not alone as you progress through the plot. As a result, visitors from other planets will appear in your base, and you will have access to more resources and technologies! Let human civilization survive and thrive in the vastness of the universe!

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