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Prepare to go out on an amazing magical journey with your fellow guild members!

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Game Description

Prepare to go out on an amazing magical journey with your fellow guild members! Officially released is the brand-new 3D action mobile game 'FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight'!

With the anime's powerful and passionate plot, enter the most real and vibrant magical world. Fight against around forty wizards in incredibly realistic 3D settings. Utilize a variety of wizard types and distinct counter connections to assemble your dream squad. Take on the Tower of Heaven, outwit the Oracion Seis, and face the Underworld King Mard Geer in this 3D free warfare system that skillfully blends strategy and action. Discover a variety of entertaining gaming elements to hone your fighting abilities!


Explore the Timeless Tale
The iconic TV anime 'FAIRY TAIL' served as the inspiration for the action mobile game 'FAIRY TAIL: Fierce Fight,' which was officially approved by Kodansha. It meticulously recreates anime episodes and revisits beloved chapters like the Battle of Tartaros. Join forces with fellow guild members to take on powerful foes including the Underworld King Mard Geer, Oracion Seis, and Eisenwald. Rekindle your desire for exploration, grow in combat, and rediscover the close ties that bind Fairy Tail members.

Take Part in Vibrant 3D Battles
Experience furious 3D action combined with stunning magical animations that authentically capture each wizard's distinct magic. The unusual shield-breaking method tests your comprehension of magical warfare. To create an entirely unique fighting experience, make use of the counter relationships between wizards, be mindful of strategic positioning and dodging, and take the opportunity to chain talents flawlessly.


Compose the Best Team Possible
Being fearless in battle with true friends is the real definition of the perfect team. You will be fully immersed in every dramatic encounter as original voice actors like Kakihara Tetsuya, Hirano Aya, Ohara Sayaka, and Nakamura Yuichi offer their voices to recreate iconic battle scenes from the anime!

Set Out on an Exciting Journey
The game features a variety of material in addition to the main objectives, such as the Arena, the Palace of Perdition, Pandemonium, and Oracion Seis. Take on opponents in PvP matches, progress through more difficult stages in the Narakumiya Challenge, and face off against bosses in the Pandemonium and Oracion Seis Challenges. Amass an abundance of resources to aid in the development of wizards, guaranteeing a colorful and rich wizardry trip.

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