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Extraordinary Ones

A refreshing take on the MOBA experience!

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Game Description


Extraordinary Ones, NetEase's quirky, manga style 5v5 battle game, celebrates its third anniversary! Join the Red Spider Lily and Synchron in Operation Rewind to save the collapsing Esper City! Legendary deities and mythological demons with superpowers arrive on Esper City! A fun game with a colorful manga design and humorous dialogues. Battles that will have you laughing from start to finish! Rapport can help you connect with your favorite hero! Let us enter this magical manga universe and discover fresh chapters that will blow your head!



Unusual amusement! Is that you, Raby?

  • Raby transformed into a muscular hunk capable of easily carrying Chang'e? Is the vivacious Coderella a talented hacker? Jupiter, the foolish youngster, refers to himself as the 'Chosen One'? Furthermore, with an academy style battlefield loaded with intriguing mechanisms, ground breaking personalities and skill effects, an appealing battlefield map design, and a home city full of wisecracking bullet comments. The good times never end! Let us enter the manga world and begin new chapters!

Use unusual items How about using rotten eggs to turn the tide?

  • 'Amazing Items' are now available on the battlefield. Heroes can bring fixed things into battle, like the Haste Effect, which sends you flying, or a jungle mob crashing Smite. Battlefield restricted items, such as the 'one-punch' Golden Fist and a little angel that restores your HP, can be obtained at random by fighting a track chest monster or the Toad. All of these items can assist you in turning the tide of the battle. Imagine a stud jumping out of the bush and throwing a bad egg at you.

Unleash your full abilities I even scare myself at times!


  • Another fight innovation at Extraordinary Ones is the Awaken system. Heroes can obtain their own skill boosts once they reach Lv.12. Ginny's awakened ultimate, for example, now has a new feature: Instantly replenishes CD after a kill. The Awaken system will become a major aspect of the action later in the battle, offering all heroes distinctive Awaken gear. Even minions and jungle mobs can be awoken 12 minutes into the game for a more intense gaming experience!

Hero Relationship Development Discover your favorite hero's secret position!

  • Do you want a hero with a human side? Extraordinary Ones' hero interactive system can get you even closer to your favorite hero! Choose your favorite hero as the in game image, get exclusive moves and CVs from your hero, and improve your Rapport with them by battling and engaging with them! You can even unlock exclusive hidden skins, emoji's and voices as your Rapport grows!

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