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You'll have fun answering 'who's most likely to' questions with your friend as you play Exposed!

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Game Description

Exposed is the finest game to find out what your friends think of you.

Find out who in your friend group is willing to undertake ridiculous things!


The game is straightforward. Add the names of all your pals and wait for them to be Exposed!

Respond to questions, take dares, and complete tasks.

With a variety of categories ranging from cheeky, and seductive, to ludicrous! This game is likely to make any time you spend with your buddies more enjoyable!

Say goodbye to games like spin the bottle, truth or dare, quizup, and cards against humanity! We offer over 5000 challenges and questions, so every gaming night of yours will be unique and entertaining!

To have a good time with Exposed, everyone must download the app from the App Store. With the game PIN, one player creates the game and invites their friends to the party. Exposed can be enjoyed whether you are physically together or connected remotely with pals.


Exposed is:

  • A fresh perspective on party games
  • Over 5000 facts, dares, and challenges
  • 4 game modes to suit all occasions: party, cheeky, spicy, relaxing
  • An extraordinary icebreaker and clash generator

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