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Exorcist: Fear of Phasmophobia

Have fun ghost hunting friend!

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Game Description

Enjoy the ghost hunt, my friends!

A ghost is a malevolent entity who feeds on people's fear. They result from violent, sudden deaths. If disturbed, they may cause havoc throughout neighborhoods, and they have been known to live for up to 1000 years.


This article will explain what you need to do to survive in a horror Ghost Hunters game with paranormal activity.


  • Visit the horrific mansion where the 97-year-old psychopath lived. During his life, he kidnapped scores of people and subjected them to horrific torture. They say that malevolent spirits are still present in the house.


  • Visit the psychopath's house.
  • Use the EMF radar to find the ghost's location.
  • Determine the sort of ghost by examining the evidence.
  • Take a photo of a ghost.



  • A Phantom is one of the most terrifying ghosts in Phasmophobia Mobile. It is also the only known ghost capable of flying and occasionally traveling through walls.
  • Phantom rarely touches the ground, therefore, it cannot be tracked by footsteps.
  • Weaknesses: Phantom is a nearly poisonous reaction to Smudging.


  • A Shade, often known as a loud ghost, is one of the most well-known ghosts in the Phasmophobia mobile game. It can modify objects around it to disseminate harm to its victims.
  • Strengths: A Shade can toss a large number of things at once.
  • Weaknesses: A Shade is nearly ineffectual in an empty room.



  • A Banshee is a territorial ghost with phasmophobia that would attack when provoked. It has also been shown to be capable of traveling at high speeds.
  • A Banshee's unique strength is that it travels faster when its target is far away.
  • Unique Weaknesses: Disabling the location power source prevents the Banshee from using its ability.


  • The Demon is the most dangerous ghost to meet in phasmophobia. It has been known to attack without any reason.
  • Strengths: Demons strike more frequently than other spirits.
  • Weaknesses: Demons lack weaknesses.

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