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Build your dream island!

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Game Description

In an old kingdom.

A young man is a powerful warrior. He is beloved by both the king and the princess, but due to his arrogance, he has been poisoned and defeated by his formidable opponent. He has been stripped of all his strength and sent to a barren island. He is nearly broken. However, a loving letter from the princess has given him hope, and he is determined to show the king that he can start afresh.


In this enchanting idle game, you can embark on a fairy tale adventure as a warrior and create your own realm of wonder. Exilesland: Adventure RPG allows you to create your own universe using RPG features and time management mechanics, providing hours of thrilling fantasy action on this idle world.

All of these is the perfect combination for a conquer adventure.

Abundant Resources

  • As a warrior, you will begin your journey by utilizing the island's bountiful resources. These materials can be used to create wooden structures or purchase expensive products.


  • Each resource demands a unique set of tools. The tools are diverse, including mining, agricultural, and fishing implements.

Engaging Plot

  • Immerse yourself in Exilesland: Adventure RPG's gripping plot, where you'll encounter multiple challenges as you try to survive and grow your island. This idle game is a unique combination of adventure and storytelling.

Diverse Gameplay

  • Adventure RPG provides a wide variety of idle role-playing gameplay, including survival, construction, and fighting components. Players will face a variety of problems as they seek to complete the game.

Diverse Character System

  • The game features a diverse cast of characters, including workers, villagers, aborigines, pirates, and more. All of these characters contribute to the creation and growth of Exilesland.

Beautiful Interface

  • The game has a stunning interface with clear 3D graphics and energetic sound. Players will be immersed in the game environment in a realistic manner.


  • Throughout the Exilesland development, you will face a variety of enemies. You will receive prizes at the end of each battle. You must also battle pirates, adventurers, rival tribes, and so on in order to grow your territory and resources.

Sudden Luck

  • Find hidden riches in chests that appear at random or participate in guided treasure hunts.

Utopias Enchantment


  • Discover the enchantment that runs through this fairy tale. Watch in awe as enchanted trees continue to grow and encounter other wonderful aspects that will keep your sense of wonder alive throughout this captivating RPG.

Together with the knight, overcome the trials and create your own magical dreamland. Prove to the world that you are a real fairytale warrior.This is your chance to write your own story, improve your abilities, and create an island that is uniquely yours.

Are you prepared for the ultimate survival journey on a dream island? Download Exilesland: Adventure RPG and begin your quest right away.

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